Today isn’t shaping up to be the hottest day of the year, at least not where I live, but heating and cooling are still pretty important considerations.

As global temperatures rise, people will increasingly need ways to stay cool, only without using massive amounts of energy and fueling more climate change.

That’s what the Cold Tube is supposed to solve.

It’s a cooling system that absorbs body heat without the energy-intensive process that is air conditioning.


Here’s how it works: the cooling space has walls and/or ceilings with panels that circulate chilled water.

A person standing next to those panels will feel cool, not because the air is getting cooler, but because the system is absorbing the heat radiating from their body.

The Cold Tube panels also have special membranes so the water doesn’t just collect on them when it’s humid.

People get cool, just like with air conditioning, but using half the energy.

Imagine all those people who crank the A/C when it’s hot out, cutting the energy output of the process by 50 percent.

That sounds pretty cool, right?

For a lot of us, summer isn’t summer without watermelon.

Now, apparently, music isn’t music without watermelon either.

Mezerg is an experimental musician on YouTube who just created a kind of synthesizer where the keys are replaced with slices of watermelon and kiwi.

It’s definitely worth hearing, in part so you see whether he can finish the song without trying to eat the instrument.

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