The opening sentence of this article shows just what we’re up against here, people:

A village in south-west England will shortly be swarming with robots competing to show off their surveillance skills.

The British government is paying humans to invent these surveillance robots for eventual use in Afghanistan – assuming that they don’t turn against their inventors before being deployed. This makes no sense, given that the UK already has the ultimate spy on their side, so there’s obviously something sinister going on here.

The obvious problem with surveillancebots is that they’re gonna know what we’re up to. When the war starts, they’ll have these bots keeping tabs on our every move. The surprise attack – which is probably our only hope anyway – is out of the question. And our choices are limited as to whether the robots want to kill us or merely enslave us.

So when the questions begin about where the war started, the answer is clear: Copehill Down, Wiltshire, England.