Today in 1788, New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution, which put the document into effect across the US.

That’s one notable fact about the Granite State, and here’s another one: a dog once climbed all 48 of the state’s 4,000 foot high mountains.

The challenge sometimes called the NH 48 is kind of a big deal for hikers in the state.

Some are really just a pleasant walk to the summit, but others are pretty challenging hikes.

And you have to take the time to get to all 48 and then make it back.

It’s not exactly the challenge you’d expect a pug to take up.

But then Woof the pug isn’t your usual pug.

Erin McMahon adopted Woof when he was a year and a half old.

The previous owner said the dog wasn’t a good match for their family because he was “just too hyper.”

McMahon decided to try what she’d done with other dogs: get all that energy out through nice long walks.

At first they stuck to flat trails, but eventually they tried climbing a mountain or two.

Not only could the dog keep up, he seemed to like it.

They climbed their first 4,000 footer in mid-2019 and kept at it until spring 2023, when they reached peak number 48.

McMahon says Woof will go pretty much wherever she goes, though he’s not a big fan of water and he will sometimes need a boost if he can’t climb a spot on his own.

She says she’s careful to not push too hard, since pugs are built in a way that makes exercise a little harder, and they can overheat.

She carries a doggie backpack on every hike just in case Woof hits his limit and needs a ride the rest of the way.

But so far he’s been up for every hike they’ve taken, and she says he’s inspired other human hikers they meet along the trail.

They see Woof on the trail and say if that dog can make this hike, so can I.

The only way to level up after finishing the NH 48 is to do what’s called the grid: you hike each of the 48 mountains on the 4,000 foot list in each month of the year.

You can do it, Woof!

Of course, if he really wants to be a New Hampshire dog, Woof also needs to show up in Dixville Notch at midnight on election night.

Here’s a handy new invention from Guy Dupont.

It’s an app that reads a special sensor embedded in the zipper of a pair of pants.

If the zipper is down, you get a notification on your phone that lets you know it’s time to XYZ.

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Photo by JJBers via Flickr/Creative Commons