Those that celebrate Christmas know there are a few classic styles of marking this holiday. Some involve Old World traditions, like, well, Santa Claus and everything that comes with him.

Some families emphasize the nativity story, while others go for those classic carols, like the ones that were recorded and popularized in the 1940s and 50s.

But of course people can celebrate the way they want, no matter how far it strays from those common paths. And sometimes we stray pretty far.

Take, for example, the community of Christmas, Florida.

With a name like that, you may not be surprised to know that people will travel to the town just so they can send their holiday cards with a postmark that literally reads “Christmas.”

But Christmas, Florida is also home to Swampy, the world’s largest gator.

The 200 foot long structure (not an actual, living gator) is the headquarters of a park for injured and abandoned wild animals.

And also a gift shop, because it is in Christmas, Florida.

Meanwhile, there’s the community of Millersburg, Ohio, south of Cleveland, which could also say it’s Christmas every day, thanks to a shop known as Tis the Season Christmas Wonderland.

If you wake up one morning in, say, April, and think to yourself, I really need some new ornaments and decorations for my tree, well, you could head over there and get what you need.

There’s 20,000 square feet in the store, so you could pick out quite a few new trimmings for your tree.

Finally, today is not only a holiday, it’s an important day in early US history.

It’s the day General George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River to win a key victory in the American Revolution.

If you’re in the aptly named community of Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, you could spend part of your holiday watching historical reenactors cross the Delaware themselves, rowing in replica boats, and hearing a stirring speech from General Washington (weather permitting, that is).

However you plan to spend the day, thank you so much for spending a little bit of it with us.

And have not only a Merry Christmas, have a Cool Weird Awesome Christmas!

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Gator photo by Matthew Paulson via Flickr/Creative Commons