This is our twelfth year taking pictures of the Carlson Kids with their buddies Santa and Mr. T. When it started, our oldest was smaller than the two plush figures. Now, he is… not. Neither are his siblings. And yet the young people here still get such a kick out of this tradition.

We did some remodeling in our living room, which meant that the usual spot where we took the photos isn’t ideal anymore. So we all took turns moving lights and furniture and Santa until we had a pretty good setup. After that, it was easy; we had the whole thing done in like ten minutes.

Then, of course, we spent like a half hour going through all the old photos in the Carlson Kids, Santa and Mr. T photo gallery. We couldn’t help ourselves.

Seven year old with Santa and Mr. T

(Also note the eleven year old’s photo, which has a guest appearance by his plus Minecraft cat Nosy. She has become a kind of family mascot in the last couple years so everyone enjoyed making her a part of the tradition.)

Eleven year old with Santa, Mr. T and Nosy the Minecraft cat