Do-it-yourselfers and fans of The Red Green Show know the power of duct tape.

Now there’s a sticky substance that surgeons can use that acts just like duct tape, except it can seal up wounds in the ductwork that runs in our bodies.

This is from MIT, by the way.

The substance created there is smooth on one side and sticky on the other.

The sticky side has an adhesive that’s designed to bind any wounds or tears in the gastrointestinal system.

They say it binds to the tissue in just a few seconds and will stay flexible as the organ moves and repairs.

It’s stable for as long as a month if necessary, and when it’s no longer needed, it just degrades.

The creators hope that this will end up in the operating room as a quick and effective alternative to hand-sewing and removing sutures.

Whether you can get this kind of duct tape in various colors and patterns and with unicorns and whatever on it, that’s a whole different question.

In Becker, Minnesota, a guy named Paul Larcom decided to use the snow in his front yard to build a life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex, as one does.

This thing is 12 feet tall, 23 feet long and extremely realistic.

Then again, it’s made of snow, which means in Minnesota it’ll only last until July or so.

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Photo by Derek Bruff via Flickr/Creative Commons