Did you hear the one about the guy who missed only one answer on his alphabet test?

Yeah, he didn’t know Y.

My first job was working at a public library, where I put all the books back in their assigned spots.

I got good at alphabetizing, to the point that many years later I get a little worked up if I see books out of order, even on my shelves at home.

Imagine how I felt when I learned the other day that the English alphabet itself did not come together in ABC order!

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, since the English language pulls from so many different sources and other languages.

The very last letter to enter the alphabet was not Z but J.

For a long time J was just a fancy way to write the letter I; the technical term here is “swash.”

J didn’t become its own letter until the year 1524, when a playwright and grammarian called Gian Giorgio Trissino wrote a paper arguing that I and J should be recognized as separate entities.

I would be used for vowel sounds, like in “igloo,” while J would be a consonant, though at first it was probably a smoother sound like the one in “Taj Mahal” than the “j” sound in words like “judge,” “jam” and “Gian Giorgio Trissino.”

It took a century or so to really catch on; people were probably being judicious, not jaded.

And today we have J words of all kinds, some jocular, some jarring, some jaunty, and a few jittery.

And if knowing where it all started doesn’t make you a bit jubilant today, I don’t know what will.

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Letter J photo by Kristina Alexanderson via Flickr/Creative Commons