Two crime stories worth considering this week. First, the US Marshals Service announced that they’re going to be auctioning off some of Ted Kaczynski’s old possessions, including the typewriter he used for his manifestos and, as we see above, the hooded sweatshirt/sunglasses combo made famous in the FBI sketch.

And then, out of San Ber’dino, the “Granny Bandit,” a case where a woman described as possibly being 80 years old was robbing people at gunpoint wearing a most unusual outfit: “a neutral-colored faded muumuu with a multi-colored scarf covering her face.” Turned out the age wasn’t real – the suspect was only 51 (age ain’t nothin’ but a number) – but the wardrobe was.

One can’t help but hope a little that the neutral-colored faded muumuu might go up for auction someday.