I was really caught off-guard when you wonderful backers made the DC trip goal in 46 hours. Could you tell? I could barely speak, I was so excited. I also started belting out the words to Anne Murray’s song “Snowbird” in this sort of screechy voice, for which I apologize.

Anyway, the deal is this: when you set a Kickstarter deadline, that deadline remains even if you make the goal early. Which means we’re still fundraising for about 27 or so more days. So let’s see if we can make at least one more trip goal! 

But which trip? That’s what we need to decide, and quickly. I’m putting it up to another vote – but this vote ends Sunday at midnight. Whichever trip you choose is the next trip on the list, and we’ll raise funds for it on Kickstarter this coming week.

Click here to vote, or use the form below – and thanks.