It’s National Potato Chip Day!

Some chip brands hit it big on store shelves, but there’s one brand that won legions of adoring fans in prisons.

These chips are known, appropriately enough, as The Whole Shabang.

They’re produced in Canada for the Keefe Group, which is a series of companies that provides products for corrections facilities, everything from phone systems for inmates to snacks in prison vending machines.

Some of the most popular snacks in those machines have been bags of The Whole Shabang.

People said they loved what the company calls a “super-seasoned flavor.”

The chips have salt and vinegar flavor, barbeque flavor, garlic and onion, it’s all in there.

“A ray of sunlight in the very cloudy and drab existence that is prison,” one prisoner told NBC News.

Some people said they’d even made up their own recipes using the chips.

The trouble was, when these chip lovers got out of the corrections system, they realized the Whole Shabang was wholly inside prison.

On the outside, there was no shabang.

Word of mouth spread about these amazing chips that prisoners could buy and eat but nobody else could.

Some people even joked that they’d be willing to go back behind bars to get another taste.

Fortunately nobody has to commit a crime to get the chips: the company has set up an online store where people can buy packs of 12 bags of The Whole Shabang.

Or you can try The Whole Shebang Extreme Ripple, or The Whole Shebang Extreme Crunchies.

Assuming the world can withstand a shabang that big.

March 14 is also Pi Day, because the number Pi starts with 3.14.

That’s how it starts, but it doesn’t really end.

And supercomputers have been able to calculate the irrational number to over 62 trillion decimal places.

I mean, if you want to get that specific.

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