This morning, like almost every morning, I got myself out of bed, put the coffee on, got dressed and put in my contact lenses (hopefully putting each lens in the assigned eye).

But why should I have to do all that work when there’s a robot that can do some of it for me?


And there really is such a thing: an inventor in Florida has developed a robot that can put contact lenses in human eyes safety and effectively.

It’s the work of Craig Hershoff, who himself has to wear special contact lenses to offset the effects of a condition called Fuch’s dystrophy.

Putting lenses in your eyes takes some fine motor skills to do right, and it can be challenging for some people with dexterity issues to do this task with their hands.

When that happens, Hershoff’s Cliara Lens Robot can help.

It has a camera inside, so you can, say, use your left eye to help position your right eye in front of the contact lens.

When you tell the system you’re in the right spot, it uses sensors to place the lens on the eye, and when it senses contact, it retracts.

If it passes clinical trials and is approved for widespread use, the robot will be there to help those with neurological disorders or tremors to put their lenses on independently, though we’ll all still have to remember to get refills of contact lens cleaner every once in a while.


And speaking of fluid, the website bookofjoe pointed us toward WebGL Fluid Simulation, which is exactly what the name suggests.

You click in the middle of the screen and you create a glow in the dark ball of virtual fluid, spinning and twisting into cool shapes that make you think of a trippy psychedelic light show as much as fluid dynamics.

And you can set the density diffusion!

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Photo by n41 Photo via Flickr/Creative Commons