When a baby is born there are usually smiles all around – but there’s also a lot to check out.

Health care providers and families want to make sure their little ones are healthy from the get-go.

And there’s a new device that can help them do that: the smart pacifier!

Washington State University has developed this high-tech wearable (I guess you call it a wearable? A smart pacifier is a lot more exciting to a baby than a smart watch) to make it easier to take care of a very important test for some babies.

One of the many potential concerns with a newborn is dehydration.

But right now medical staff have to do blood draws twice a day to check the youngster’s electrolyte levels.

Two daily blood draws is not really a baby’s idea of a good time.

It is possible to measure a little one’s sodium and potassium levels through their saliva, but it’s sort of a complicated process.

The researchers came up with this pacifier as a workable alternative.

Just by having the device in their mouth, the baby gives a saliva sample.

And sensors in the pacifier give real-time updates on the electrolyte levels.

This simplifies the testing process for the medical team, and it’s a lot less invasive for the babies.

And right out of the gate they get into the world of wearable tech!

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Smart pacifier developed to monitor infant health in hospitals (Washington State University)

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