Hans Moleman Presents, Man Getting Hit By Baseball

This was supposed to be opening week for Major League Baseball, but, like so much else, that’s on hold.

The closest we can get right now to the sport is watching last season’s games, or maybe checking out some merchandise or memorabilia.

And that reminds me of one of the weirdest stories in baseball history: how a player managed to engineer a baseball card in which he’s being hit in, shall we say, a very sensitive place.

This is the story of Keith Comstock, a reliever who played with four big league teams over six seasons, but also spent time in the minor leagues.

He’d taken the standard baseball card photos in the past, but for the 1989 set, he was a grizzled baseball veteran, one who was a bit irritated that he was back in the minors, and not really in the mood to do another standard pose.

He told the photographer that he wanted to pose as if the batter had hit a line drive comebacker to the mound and, um, hit him. You know what I mean.

The photographer said no, come on, be serious.

But Comstock was serious about his idea, and managed to convince the rest of the team not to sign their photo release forms unless he got his way.

The photographer gave in, so Comstock super-glued a baseball to his pants and pretended to be in agony as the camera clicked.

His wife didn’t get it at first.

She wondered why his eyes were closed, not noticing the strategically placed baseball.

But his teammates loved it, and so did baseball card collectors.

So while Comstock did manage to make it back into the majors for a few more years, and has been coaching more recently, his place in sports history is secure thanks to a baseball card unlike any other.

And here’s another great moment in photography: Atlanta-based salon owner Heidi Oley has had to close her shop for the time being, so she’s practicing her skills on her boyfriend,

The daily hairdos she’s tried on him include the Princess Leia, the George Washington, and the Amy Winehouse.

Clearly she knows her stuff. And clearly he’s a very agreeable client.

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Photo by Mike Kalasnik via Flickr/Creative Commons