Next week is the Super Blood Moon, which is not the name of a horror movie that might end up on Mystery Science Theater 3000 but is an actual phenomenon you can see in the sky.


There are already names, mostly adapted from Native American traditions, that mark the full moon in each month of the year.

The Full Strawberry Moon comes in June, when it’s strawberry picking time for many areas, and the Full Buck Moon in July marks when a male deer’s antlers are growing out.

But there are also special occurrences that happen in their own time, and have their own names.

A Supermoon happens when the Moon’s elliptical orbit brings it close to Earth while it’s also a full moon.

So it looks super huge.

And while all that’s going on, there will also be a total lunar eclipse, and when the moon is in Earth’s shadow, it looks, well, blood red.

So a Super Blood Moon is a full moon, close to Earth and in a total eclipse.

There’s going to be a lot happening up there next week.

But when the Super Blood Moon hits your eye, is it still like a pizza pie? And is it still amore?

This month marks 20 years since the world’s first pizza delivery in space.

As a promotional stunt, Pizza Hut paid to have a salami pizza sent to a cosmonaut at the International Space Station.

Salami was standing in for pepperoni because it had a longer shelf life.

They also had to over-season the pizza because when you’re in space, your taste buds sort of lay low.

But did they send up any breadsticks or dipping sauce?

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Photo by Mibby23 via Flickr/Creative Commons