Today is the tenth birthday of Amy Jones-Elliott of Glenmore, County Kilkenny, Ireland.

But it’s not the birthday of her twin sister, Katie; her birthday is in late August.

The two hold the world record for twins with the largest amount of time between their births: 87 days.

This isn’t a record their parents were looking to break.

They were looking forward to meeting the little ones around their due date, September 21st.

But there was a complication along the way, and Amy was born just 24 weeks into the pregnancy.

She weighed just over a pound, and needed such intensive care that her mom couldn’t hold her for weeks.

The medical staff and the parents braced for their second baby to come, but the mom’s contractions stopped.

Rather than try to induce the birth, they decided to simply wait.

Mother Maria and father Chris cared for one twin on the outside, while the other was still growing on the inside.

Finally, during week 36 of the pregnancy, the doctors decided it was safe to bring Amy’s sister Katie into the world.

By October of that year, the little ones were both able to come home from the hospital.

Their parents had decided, in true twin fashion, they should be added to the birth registry together.

And as you might expect, it took some explaining as to why one twin’s birthdate was listed as June 1 and the other’s as August 27.

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