The unofficial sixth pillar of Wikipedia is to write in a convoluted, repetitive writing style that sounds somewhat authoritative and official; also, using lots of punctuation marks in odd places. This means the way people write on Wikipedia repeats itself often, and is hard to understand; and the use of punctuation, is often, not correct.

Did I mention how repetitive it was?

In addition, at the end of each episode’s credits, there is a random niche celebrity in the “Special Thanks” section placed there for fans to hunt out and not for the purpose of thanking. For example, the first episode’s random special niche thanks credit celebrity was Rick Dees, and the third episode’s was Greg Maddux. This is referred to as a “Fake Special Thanks”.

I’d like to Fake Special Thank the Wikipedian who thought it was worth pointing out that a fake special thanks is referred to as a Fake Special Thanks. Drive-thru attendants must cringe when he/she pulls in: “I’d like to get a Quarter Pounder with some cheese on it – this is referred to as a Quarter Pounder with Cheese…”

Lastly: Rick Dees certainly qualifies as a “random niche celebrity,” but Greg Maddux – who was in the middle of a 19-2 season during the year Mr. Show “Fake Special Thanked” him – should not be labeled as such. I’m pretty sure Rick Dees hasn’t won 340-plus games.