One thing I try to remember whenever I’m on a road trip: keep your eyes open.

You never know what you might see, including a farm in the middle of a divided highway.

This is in the UK, on a stretch of the M62 in West Yorkshire, about halfway between Manchester and Leeds from the looks of the map.

Stott Hall Farm had been there for generations, but in the 1960s the authorities approved plans to build a stretch of highway through the area.

The owners, Ken and Beth Wild, didn’t want to leave land that had been in their family since the 1930s.

They took part in local protests against the project.

But this isn’t one of those stories we sometimes hear about how a strong-willed owner simply refuses to move and you end up seeing a house next to a bunch of skyscrapers.

There was a geological fault under the farm, so building highway on that land would have meant extra work and extra cost.

Building around the farm worked out for everyone – well, mostly.

There are crash barriers between the road and the property, but there have still been plenty of accidents.

Living next to a busy highway means extra cleaning, and less privacy.

And it’s loud.

But the Wilds, and the people they sold the place to, Jill and Paul Thorp, say they make the best of the situation.

As Paul Thorp likes to say, he hasn’t found the off switch for the highway yet.

You can learn more about Stott Hall Farm, right in the middle of the M62, at CWA dot com and on Twitter at Cool Weird Pod.


It’s one thing to have your plot of land in the middle of a highway; it’s another to have your land on someone else’s land.

A couple in Texas bought a plot from a friend, spent years building a home there, and then got a knock on the door from the actual landowner.

They’d been misinformed about which land was actually theirs.

Now they’re trying to find a solution that works for everybody.

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Photo by Richard Harvey, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons