This Sunday is World Rivers Day, so it’s a good time to talk about the Loire River in France, which has a house in it.

La maison dans la Loire, or “The House In The Loire,” is not a house that used to be on land that was later flooded out.

And for the record, no one is living there.

This was an art installation.

In 2007, an exhibition invited artists from across the world to create and exhibit artwork inspired by the river and its estuary.

The exhibition wanted big works, and that’s what artist Jean-Luc Courcoult gave them: his work was a full size replica of a three story building that’s a) inland and b) has been used as an inn and a creperie.

The artwork actually had to move at one point.

At the original location, the tides and the current capsized the house.

So in 2012, it was moved 15 miles and anchored in place.

Now it’s a big attraction for people who take Loire River boat tours.

Some who have seen it say the best time to see the house is at night.

Even though it’s an empty house that’s in a river, there’s a light that goes on in one room.

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There will be artisan pickle judging, of course.

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Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra via Flickr/Creative Commons