There’s a new startup in Japan that’s getting hot in more ways than one: it’s turning former city buses into mobile saunas.

This is called the Sabus, part sauna, part bus.

It’s the work of a partnership between the pro-sauna startup Sauna Ikatai and architectural firm OSTR.

The outside of the bus looks about like what you’d expect, like an old city bus.

The inside of the bus, on the other hand… actually looks like an old city bus too.

The renovation preserved the feel of the original ride and actually reused some of the old bus parts for the sauna.

But there are some classic wooden sauna benches and chairs in some of the sauna compartments.

And there are multiple compartments, some hotter than others.

Plus, the bus windows are still in place, so depending on where the bus is that day, you might see a natural landscape or a city skyline.

And that’s kind of the idea.

Because the Sabus is a bus, it can go to places that don’t have a permanent sauna.

And even in areas that do have a sauna, you still get a unique experience with this sauna.

The Sabus just wrapped up a residency in Tokyo this week.

If you speak Japanese, you can check its website for where it may end up next.

And if you don’t speak Japanese, you can just keep an eye out for bus passengers who look really relaxed after they step off.

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This bus is not a Sabus, but I couldn’t get hold of a Sabus picture! Photo by Isriya Paireepalrit via Flickr/Creative Commons