Jefferson statue at Jefferson Park Transit Center

You just never know who you’ll run into on Chicago’s L trains, do you? Chicago renovated Jefferson Park Transit Center in 2005, upgrading lighting, signage and other useful amenities. And they also installed an anti-pigeon sound system, which plays sounds of pigeon predators to scare them away. This system must work really well, because the Jefferson statue out front of the facility, installed about the same time, shows no signs of pigeon abuse.

The statue itself is out front of the main entrance, which is meant to honor the namesake of the park for which the transit center is named; he’s signing the Declaration of Independence atop a circle divided into thirteen (for the original colonies). But let’s face it: if you were waiting for a ride, you’d stand right where Jefferson is standing. The only question, then, is where does the esteemed third president hope to go? Maybe to the Billy Goat Tavern for a cheeseburger? Or to a bleacher seat at Wrigley Field? Maybe take in some culture at the Art Institute? Or take in the views at the John Hancock building? Stop by and tell him where you’re going, and maybe he’ll come along.

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