To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what made a movie an “erotic thriller” other than I assumed it didn’t involve Tony Randall. But, go-lly!, we nailed down just what a e-rotic thriller is with help from you know who!

The erotic thriller is a film genre which consists of erotica and thriller

Like a topless version of a Michael Jackson video?

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* List of thriller films, see sub-genre erotica

And this is like 80% of the article! An erotic thriller is erotic and a thriller, and they’re thrillers that are also erotic. Everybody got that?

Sadly, the article does not explain whether Tony Randall has to be involved or not, and in doing further research, I found something even worse: there’s a 2007 erotic thriller called Perfect Stranger. So it may be – again, Wikipedia doesn’t say – that an erotic thriller involves Mark Linn-Baker. I’m gonna pray harder from now on, I’ll tell you that much.