Just chatting with Jabberwacky:

'What song should I sing to you?' 'Haha I don't want a song' 'Why don't you want a song' 'Because you don't have arms.' 'That's ok. I wasn't using my arms anyway. Shall I sing about how I don't have arms?' 'Yes, sing.' 'These arms of mine... they are lonely and feeling blue. How do you like my song so far?' 'How do you explain that you're a liar.' 'I lie about not having arms because I'm insecure. I actually do have arms.' 'But you admitted to being a bot. Bots have no arms, therefore you are lying.' 'Actually, you're a bot. I am an artistic representation of Bronson Pinchot.' 'In what way are you artistic?' 'I am not artistic. Bronson Pinchot is artistic. He restores antique houses!' 'Yes, in the house, on the street, in the city of Tacoma.' 'With the lead pipe, in the conservatory.'