Heimdall is a mythical being with a large flock of chickens.

BC: Do you own any chickens?

Heimdall: O yes. I own any poulets. Hey, do you have a match for me to light my pipe?

BC: Yes. I will trade you a match for fifteen chickens.

Heimdall: Thanks, You’re very kind.

BC: Great! I will send singer Kenny Rogers to your house to deliver the match.
BC: He’s not that busy tonight.

Heimdall: You keep away from my house.

BC: Ok. I will build a chicken coop instead. Did you know chickens love to watch The Arsenio Hall Show?

Heimdall: Yes, I thought everyone knew that. I can’t say I like bots much, but I don’t like trolls or humans either.

BC: Do virtual chickens watch virtual Arsenio Hall?

Heimdall: virtual chickens. Yes. That’s correct.

BC: Do virtual chickens cross the virtual road?

Heimdall: You are back on the path of light again.

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