Sonya dreamed about a hummingbird last night – another sign from Georgia. I haven’t seen any signs in my dreams, but sometimes I feel the kids really close by, as if they sense a wave of sadness is coming and they’re on standby for Mom or Dad. Other times I get the feeling they’re – well, having a little fun with us.

On Tuesday we took Sonya’s mom back to the airport. She’d dropped everything to come be with us and had been a real comfort as we came to grips with what had happened, and so we were really sad to see her go. On the way back home, just ahead of us on the on-ramp, we saw a delivery truck for A&B Vending Co.

A&B are, for those who don’t have twins, the labels medical people use to distinguish which twin is which in ultrasounds and other tests. We only stopped calling Graham and Georgia A&B a few weeks ago, when we found out they were a boy/girl pair, and even then we still used A&B as much as their gender-specific code names, “Luke” and “Leia.”

This morning we were running errands, essentially trying to fill our brains with busy work, and we deliberately or accidentally (I forget which) missed our usual turn to drive home. And what should we happen to drive past on our scenic route? The headquarters of A&B Lumber. We giggled. I said it would’ve been more subtle if they’d founded the Carlson Twins Forest Products Consortium – Grieving Parents Welcome.

My side of the family has always joked that members of the clan can have pretty much any character defect – mean, stingy, cruel, bad hairdo – as long as they’re funny. A and B, you’re in.

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