Happy second day of Kwanzaa, and as the holiday season gets closer to wrapping up, I hope that the delivery drivers of the world will soon get a little bit of a break.

I saw a study that said there were about 2.5 billion packages sent over the holidays last year, and a tracking service reported online shopping was up 19 percent this year, so you do the math.

There’s a lot of delivering going on.

Fortunately some drivers do find some happy moments even in the most high-pressure delivery windows, and for drivers at UPS, some of those happy moments come from dogs.

There’s a Facebook group and instagram account called UPS Dogs.

Driver Sean McCarren (aka Dawgzilla) set it up in 2013, and it collects and shares photos of the pups that delivery drivers meet (and usually befriend) on their routes.

True to the name, there are dogs of every kind here, but there are also cats, birds, turtles, donkeys, chickens, deer, even alpacas.

It’s a long list of animals.

The list of fans has grown too, as it’s gotten more and more attention. UPS Dogs now has over a million followers and likes on the multiple platforms.

UPS itself is a fan. The company said in a statement that the photos show how delivery drivers build relationships in the communities where they drive, including customers who have four legs and tails.

Here’s a good place to kick back, with or without a dog: an island in New York state that’s only 3,300 square feet in all.

It’s got a house and a tree and a tiny little beach of sorts, which is all it needs to be recognized as the world’s smallest inhabited island.

It was known as Hub Island, but when the Sizeland family decided to put a house there they also decided to rename the place Just Room Enough Island.

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