There’s lots of action in the house these days. We’ll start with upstairs:

Upstairs windows

The construction team has installed all the windows and finished all the framing, including the closets. On the outside, they’ve been putting in some really nice-looking trim on the gables.

On the first floor, things are even busier. Our small living room and small bedroom are now one big living room!

New living room

One of my big dreams for the house was to knock out the wall in the middle of this space and have a living room big enough for, well, living. Now we have one. And look at what they found under the carpets!

Living room floor

We were going to order wooden flooring for the living room, like we’re doing for the upstairs, but apparently that won’t be necessary! We will have to do some cleaning and refinishing, and we’ll have to fix up some areas that didn’t have any flooring, but that’s a much smaller project than what I was envisioning.

Last, but not least…

New stairs

New stairs! This is just framing, really – we’re having new stair treads cut for us by a flooring company. But it’s cool to see the new staircase frame in place.