We’re just over a week out from the DC trip and there’s lots going on.

First: I’m finalizing my DC itinerary. A lot is already in place – I just booked a tour of Washington National Cathedral, where President Wilson is buried and where most modern presidential funerals are held; and a tour of Woodrow Wilson House, where the former president lived (and died) after his time at the White House.

In case you were wondering, they named it Woodrow Wilson House after he moved there. You probably figured that, though.

Second: I’m writing up my first real essay for the project – it’s on Franklin Pierce and how his legacy boils down to something comparable to the “buy local” movement. It’ll make sense once you read it. I’m hoping to finish this before I leave for DC, so look for it toward the end of next week.

Third: I just finished the biography of John Quincy Adams I’ve been reading the last few weeks. Very enjoyable – and it reminded me that Mr. Adams’ diary of 60+ years is online in full. Adams was president on July 4th, 1826 – the day his father, former president John Adams, and his friend, former president Thomas Jefferson, died – will be interesting to look into his thoughts on those events. Plus, the biography hints that JQA had to deal with his father’s somewhat complicated will during his presidency. In short: don’t be surprised if my first essay after DC is actually about an Adams or two. I may need to get that out of my system before getting into the DC Four.