“The phrase we use internally is ‘ridiculously entertaining,” says Syfy Channel VP Thomas Vitale – though one wonders whether you need a phrase at all to describe a movie called SHARKNADO. The title tells you everything you need to know, just like Snakes On A Plane, or Frampton Comes Alive. 

I guess I’m just grateful the word – is SHARKNADO a word, by the way? – isn’t followed by something even more horrible, like “versus Cybersquid,” or “in Tijuana,” or “erotica” – oh, no, no, not that, no, no, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

Just for fun. Just because you can… write a story (1k or less but I’m forgiving if you go over… 500 words is better) that is erotica with a Sharknado theme.So do your best!

Whether you choose to show your prowess at quality erotica, or whether you decide to see just how horribly cheesy you can possibly be, write the story and put it on your blog then link it up here.

Following the SHARKNADO debut Mother Jones – seriously, Mother Jones – asked the question on Americans’ minds: Can a “Sharknado” Really Happen? The answer was along the lines of “SHARKNADO SHARKNADO SHARKNADO.” But the question now is: can someone actually show his/her prowess at quality erotica using SHARKNADO as a theme? I hope to be devoured in a SHARKNADO before I learn the answer.