On this day in 1876, a Mrs. Crouch was outside making soap when “suddenly there descended upon her a gentle shower of meat.” What the heck happened to cause meat to fall from the sky over Bath County, Kentucky? Plus: Lincoln, the goat mayor of Fairhaven, Vermont, runs for reelection against his challenger, Sammy the police dog.

Kentucky Meat Shower? Yes, meat fell from the sky more than 140 years ago (Louisville Courier-Journal)

Vermont goat mayor in for a ‘dog’ fight at her Town Meeting Day re-election (Burlington Free Press)

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Kentucky meat rain, some stay dry and others feel the pain…

This is apparently something that happened on this day in 1876 in Bath County, Kentucky.

According to news reports of the time, a Mrs. Crouch was outside making soap when “suddenly there descended upon her a gentle shower of meat.”

Some of the pieces were small, others were big, solid hunks, all of it raw.

This could have just been one of those stories that came down to whether or not you believe Mrs. Crouch, or her cat, who also saw the meat shower.

But there were other human witnesses, some of whom reportedly tasted the meat! (They thought it was probably raw venison or mutton.)

Others actually collected samples, at least one of which survives in a jar at Transylvania University in Lexington.

So we have physical evidence along with eyewitness accounts.

That said, every other rain shower has been primarily water. So why would meat suddenly fall out of the sky?

There have been quite a few theories, some serious, others not so much.

But one theory from a professor at Transylvania University, the school with that meat in the jar, says it was probably caused by vultures.

If vultures had just eaten a bunch of meat, and if those vultures then had to quickly get into the air, they might have tried to lighten their load by essentially heaving their meal back out so they could fly away faster.

That would explain why the meat hadn’t shown any signs of digestion, but it probably wouldn’t make any of those men who tried the sky-meat feel too good about their decision to taste the stuff.

It’s town meeting day in Vermont, and the goat mayor of Fairhaven, Vermont, Lincoln the goat, is seeking another term in office.

But he has a challenger in Sammy the police dog, and Sammy’s campaign has a strong ground game that’s even reaching out to cats!

Lincoln is touting his work on a fundraiser for a local playground, and playing down the scandal at his inauguration, when he kind of fouled the street after being sworn in.