It was around this time in 2001 that one of Hollywood’s most legendary actors held an acting seminar that might have been famous, if it hadn’t become so infamous.

It was called “Lying For A Living,” and it was the work of Marlon Brando.

Of course, Brando is best known for towering acting performances in movies like “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “The Godfather.”

But he’s also pretty well known for being one of the most eccentric stars of all time.

In 2001, the 78 year old’s health wasn’t great, and his finances weren’t much better.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, as a way to make some quick cash, the actor decided to host a 10 day seminar on his craft, and record the whole thing for a possible video release.

He invited plenty of other big names to take part, including Leonardo Dicaprio, Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams and Edward James Olmos.

And he brought in some young acting students to take it all in – if they could, anyway.

Brando went full Brando from the very first moment of the very first class, when he gave a 10 minute improvised monologue in the voice and the costume of an English matron… and then mooned everybody at the end.

There were performances by high wire artists, jazz musicians and Samoan wrestlers.

It was a lot, and for some of the participants it was too much.

One complained the seminar was a circus.

When Brando threw him out, the director of the video shoot and some of his team left too.

Others found it off-putting that a living acting legend was putting newbies up onstage and shouting “Lies! Lies!” when he didn’t like their attempts at improv.

But while it sometimes looked like chaos, some who where there saw some genius at work.

Edward James Olmos told a story about how Brando brought in a used car salesman and told him to try to sell a car.

His customer was Robin Williams, whom Brando told to say no.

The salesman talked circles around Robin Williams, no easy feat.

The lesson Brando was trying to teach was that actors, in Olmos’s words, “had to listen and react when dealing with the truth.”

That lesson and others stayed pretty much within the confines of the soundstage he rented for the event.

Other than a few clips and still photos, the video has never been released.

And the executor of Brando’s estate has made it clear that “Lying For A Living” will not be available to the public, ever.

So actors, you’re going to need to find your own used car salespeople to do improv with.

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Marlon Brando’s Real Last Tango: The Never-Told Story of His Secret A-List Acting School (The Hollywood Reporter)

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