May 25, 1977 is when “Star Wars” premiered in theaters, and quickly turned into a phenomenon of film, pop culture and, of course, lots of merchandising.

But even a phenomenon isn’t perfect, and so today we’ll take a closer look at a big goof-up that somehow made it into the final version: the moment when an Imperial Stormtrooper bonks his helmet into an overhead door.


The man inside the helmet was Laurie Goode, who was filling in on short notice for another actor.

He had an upset stomach that day, and right as the take started, he felt it acting up again.

So his attention was understandably being pulled away from the scene.

As he and several other Stormtroopers walked through the set, he felt his helmet smack into a set piece.

He said he wasn’t hurt, but he was surprised when he saw that the blooper was left in the picture.

But, amazingly, Star Wars fans grew fond of that moment, so much so that there were even other actors who claimed they were the ones in the suit!

Oh, and also, because it’s Star Wars, there’s an in-story explanation for what happened: according to one book, the Stormtrooper had earlier had his mind clouded by Obi-Wan Kenobi, so he wasn’t thinking straight when he walked into the door.

Hey, at least he was at his post, unlike TK-421.

X-Wing fighter replica outside Mike's Place in Kent, OH

On this Star Wars release date anniversary I also wanted to mention a place in Kent, Ohio that might draw a few fans.

Mike’s Place has all kinds of interesting decor, but right out front you’ll find a large-scale replica of an X-wing fighter.

If you visit, make sure you STAY ON TARGET.

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