Our upstairs floor is finished!

Wide plank landing

This is the staircase landing. Our old timey flooring look includes saw marks and antique-looking nails. It’s not actually old timey, but an incredible simulation.

Baseboard heaters

This is the second floor “nook,” which we’ll probably use as a reading/study area. Note that the baseboard heating elements are in place as well; all the plumbers have to do is turn the heat on.

Front bedroom floor

The front bedroom. I did Photoshop mockups of each room when we were choosing paint colors. Luckily the finished floors have almost exactly the colors I used in those mockups.

Master bedroom floor

The master bedroom. Robins egg walls and golden brown floors. Nice.

Upstairs hallway

The second floor hallway. From this one spot, you can see almost all the paint colors we used in the project at once.