The last couple years have prompted many of us to look more closely at our moods and our stress levels.

That way we can improve both by changing the ways we live, work, interact and relax.

Polish designer Iga Węglińska has a new way to help in that effort: clothes that will respond when we get stressed out.

It’s called the Emotional Clothing Collection.

The fabric has sensors in it that can track a person’s heart rate and body temperature, as well as what’s called the Galvanic Skin Response, which can track some of the physical reactions we can have when excited or agitated.

In some cases, the clothes will light up along with the heart rate they’re measuring.

Other clothes may change the color of the light if the wearer is showing signs of stress, as a visual cue to take a moment to breathe and collect themselves.

And one of the garments changes color itself, between black and translucent, as body temperature and heart rate change.

Węglińska says clothes like these could help people who want to improve their emotional well being; if you want a sign of when you might need to be more mindful, they don’t get much clearer than a string of lights on your shirt.

Now if you’re the kind of person who would actually get agitated by having your emotional state showing on your clothes, maybe just use a mindfulness app on your phone.

As for me, my clothes already show my emotions; I’m just kind of boring.


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