"Go pennies! Help the puny children who need you."

The key lines from this past week:

Keep watching  the teddy bears! Keep watching the teddy bears! “Teddy bear aerial assault over Belarus confirmed.” – writer Lilian Timmermann, on the cuddly cargo used by democracy activists to rile the country’s government. (Spoiler alert: It worked.)  [Foreign Policy]

To call it an understatement would be an understatement: “[I]n today’s economic times… people are doing some strange things.” – a CVS customer, speaking about a fellow customer’s penchant for returning certain unreturnable items to the store. [Consumerist]

On the plus side, she didn’t have to watch the sitcom “Whitney”: “After Whitney whispered in her ear, the woman turned around again and said, ‘Just shut up! You’re talking too much.’ … Whitney leaned up again, grabbed the woman’s blond ponytail and said, ‘Am I talking too much? Am I?’ Then she pushed her head forward by the ponytail!” – BeBe Winans, on her late friend Whitney Houston. Whit, by the way, walked away from this scene saying “That was so much fun!” [Gawker]