Jesus joins the animated cast of "Star Trek"

Yes, this is a question you can ask. It may not be the question you expected to hear today, but I can assure you it’s totally legit. If there’s room for Jason Alexander in the Star Trek universe, why not Jesus?

In a panel titled “Did Jesus die for Klingons too?”, [theologian Christian] Weidemann recognized the conundrums of trying to balance Jesus Christ’s salvation of mankind with a massive universe of billions of galaxies.

Weidemann mentioned that either A.) Jesus sacrificed himself for each alien civilization; or that B.) humans are simply in a privileged position.

That last statement is backed up by the illustration above. The humans are in the privileged position, hanging out, looking serious and buff and wise, and then poor Mr. Spock has to hold that shoe shine kit and get all their boots looking brand-spanking new. Weidemann should’ve asked if Jesus saved Vulcans.