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Brady Carlson’s DEAD PRESIDENTS explores the death stories of our nation’s leaders—and the wild ways we choose to remember and memorialize them.

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A More Eco-Friendly Way To De-Ice Roads Sounds Really Grape (Cool Weird Awesome 191)

December 12th, 2019|

Many communities put down road salt in winter. It can make the roads safer, but too much salt is bad for the environment and for the roads themselves. Scientists at Washington State University may have found a better way to take the ice off the roads: grapes. Plus: meet the creepiest instrument ever, a baby doll head theremin!

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Indie rock from Madison. Play these songs loud.

The three Carlson kids are always up to something.

Your entire life, boiled down to a TV news chyron.

  • Nadine Ferris: Thankful For 104-Year-Old Grandma
  • Callie Gass: Gave Birth To Son At Kwik Trip