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Brady Carlson is a writer and radio host from Madison, Wisconsin.

Brady at a cemetery

DEAD PRESIDENTS explores the death stories of our nation’s leaders—and the wild ways we choose to remember and memorialize them.

“In this entertaining biography-cum-travelogue… Carlson shifts deftly among sombre, macabre, and playful stories and shows how the death-tourism industry reveals more than amusing trivia about state funerals and legacy libraries.” – The New Yorker

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The cover of "I Got You A Gift" by Cold Holiday shows two glittery gold presents with red ribbon, illuminated by white lights. Photo by Daniel Kondrashin via Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/christmas-ball-beside-glittery-gift-boxes-in-close-up-view-14543809/

“I Got You A Gift” is the 2022 holiday single by COLD HOLIDAY

Listen here or buy a copy on Bandcamp

  • Agent Franke puts the presidential seal on a podium.
  • Statue of Da Crusher in South Milwaukee, WI
  • A view into the Hall of Presidents exhibit, with the welcome sign in the foreground.
  • Cuba City street sign and silhouette for James A Garfield
  • Samuel Tilden's grave
  • Chester Arthur statue at Madison Square Park
  • Chester Arthur's house
  • Grover Cleveland Birthplace
  • William Taft House
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