25 Days of Holiday Songs 2022: “Hang Your Balls On My Christmas Tree” by Kay Martin & Her Bodyguards

Kay Martin's Christmas album is called "I Know What He Wants For Christmas (but I don't know how to wrap it!)" and that tells us pretty much all we need to know.

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25 Days of Holiday Songs 2022: “What Will Santa Claus Say? (When He Finds Everybody Swingin’)” by Louis Prima

Everybody’s focused on Santa coming on December 25th, but until that happens, it’s up to us to keep the party swinging.

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Law and Order is back, so Brady’s back on the podcast about Law and Order

Dick Wolf brought back the mothership - the "new" original recipe Law and Order, you might say. So I joined my pals Kevin and Rebecca for another episode of THESE ARE THEIR STORIES, about the season premiere.

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29 of my favorite songs from 2021

This year just kept on going, didn’t it? At least there was a ton of great music to keep us company.

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