Dead Presidents cover

Dead Presidents

My 2016 book.

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Cool Weird Awesome

My daily podcast.

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Cold Holiday

My band.

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People of Local News

Your entire life, boiled down to a TV news chyron.

Ro-Man from Robot Monster

Art Can Hurt

Movies, music and other culture that’s so bad it’s good.

B.A. carries Murdock, who is dressed as a nun

My Year With The A-Team

I live-blogged every episode in 2010. 365 days. 97 episodes. One dude and a DVD box set.

Megatron vs Optimus Prime

Transformers Speedrun

Recaps of every episode (in progress). Action figures sold separately.

Jumping Bomb Angel

Before Cold Holiday I was in some pretty good bands, including Jumping Bomb Angel, Streetcar and Dipole Moment.

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My previous podcast efforts include NHPR’s Primarily Politics during the run-up to the 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary, which made the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” list, and Wait Til Your Podcast Gets Home, with my oldest kid. Plus, a fair number of guest appearances on shows like Civics 101Crime Writers On… and These Are Their Stories.

No Duh, Wikipedia – “Mercury-Atlas 5 was launched on November 29, 1961 with Enos the Chimp, a chimpanzee, aboard.” A chimpanzee who was a chimp? Amazing!