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The Pillsbury Doughboy Has A Name And A Family (Cool Weird Awesome 1245)

Ahead of World Baking Day, we look at the history of a baking and TV legend, the Pillsbury Doughboy. But did you know about his full name and his doughy relatives?

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Maria Beasley Invented A Life Raft And Lots Of Other Hugely Useful Things (Cool Weird Awesome 1244)

Today in 1882 inventor Maria Beasley received the patent for a collapsible life raft. But Beasley was one of those inventors who came up with idea after idea in a bunch of fields, so there's lots more to her story.

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When France And Spain Had A “War Of The Stop Signs” (Cool Weird Awesome 1243)

It wasn't an actual war, but in the 1980s France and Spain were in a pretty serious dispute over stop signs placed on a road between a little Spanish enclave in southwestern France and the rest of Spain.

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Didier Delsalle Landed His Helicopter On Top Of Mount Everest (Cool Weird Awesome 1242)

Today in 2005, test pilot Didier Delsalle took a helicopter where a helicopter had never gone before: the summit of Mount Everest. 

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Baltimore’s Mr. Trash Wheel Cleans Up The Waterfront With Technology And Googly Eyes (Cool Weird Awesome 1241)

This month in 2014, the debut of Mr. Trash Wheel! He’s become a social media sensation for his giant googly eyes and his dedication to cleaning up Baltimore’s waterfront.

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Did A Finnish Skier Actually Spit Out His Dentures On His Way To A Gold Medal? (Cool Weird Awesome 1240)

Kalle Jalkanen's Finnish ski team won a big come from behind victory in the 1936 Winter Games, but what legend says happened along the way is an even more unusual part of the story.

Some People Are Sweet On Kool-Aid Pickles, But Others Have Soured On The Idea (Cool Weird Awesome 1239)

Today in 2007, the New York Times published a feature story on Kool Aid pickles, a sweet and sour treat that found some diehard fans in the southern US.

In The 90s, Coca Cola Wanted Us To Drink OK Soda (Cool Weird Awesome 1238)

For National Have A Coke Day, a look at the time a few decades ago when Coke encouraged people not to drink something great, but to choose OK Soda. 

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El Reno, Oklahoma Is The Home Of The Fried Onion Burger (Cool Weird Awesome 1237)

Today in 1989, El Reno, Oklahoma held its first ever El Reno Burger Day. It was in honor of a local creation that's been popular for almost a century, the fried onion burger.

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