George Washington's head.

History is weird. Let me prove it to you.

Actually, that photo may have already done it, but nonetheless.

There are five living presidents. As for the 38 who have left us:

  • At least three of them have had their coffins opened; one of them 140 years after he died.
  • One of them is interred in a building with a Darth Vader gargoyle.
  • Another became a punch line on radio and TV.
  • And one more is an even bigger political force dead than he was alive – he’s like the Tupac Shakur of presidents.

In Presidents Who Lie (In State) I’ll visit the gravesites of each American president and write about what I learn. Some
are very solemn, some have weird traditions around them, some have been
the site of attempted grave robberies, some are now bigger and more
memorable than the men they memorialize.

I’ve broken this project into 16 trips, three of which are within walking or driving distance to my home in New Hampshire. The other 13 I’m funding through a series of Kickstarter projects. Visit How You Can Help to see what’s coming up.

See you on the road,