“Boxes” is the 2021 holiday single by Cold Holiday.

Kris, we put each other in boxes
No surprise, now we’re all boxed in
Most of us tried to avoid these divides
But they multiplied and we had to decide
Where to take a side
Now we want to rewind to when
We weren’t closed up in boxes

Kris, we see each other in boxes
We turn up when they turn on
We’re tied up in knots with other people’s thoughts
We choose our spots, we take our shots
We’re never fully on, we’re never really off
Until we’re caught
Up in a row of boxes

Kris, when you load up your boxes
Take a look down so you see where we’re at
Who’s disconnected, who feels rejected
Are there bells ringing, are angels singing
Not that I don’t say thanks for what’s in the sleigh
But what we need, does it come in boxes?

Words and music by Brady Carlson
Recorded, produced and performed by Cold Holiday
© 2021 Cold Holiday. All rights reserved.