This is from Dipole Moment’s second session at Precision Recording in Lake in the Hills, Illinois. It was the final track on the “Picking More Daisies” double 7″ compilation released by Further Beyond Records in 1993.

A thousand suns explode (I take my pencil in hand)
Matter spiraling on words (Words, avoiding cliches)
Debris coagulates (my thoughts on paper dissipate)
Dust and nothing (almost done)
It is done (as I am done)

Looking back upon my work, an image formed composed of words
Opinions come not from within, and it all begins again
Don’t reach out for the stars, you’ll only burn yourself
Is a thought just another word that means nothing to anyone else?

Bursting open

Words and music by Christian Goodwillie and Brady Carlson
Produced and performed by Dipole Moment.
© 1993 Dipole Moment. All rights reserved.