Well this was one to remember. Our town has gotten an inch of snow or more for the last four days, and it’s been very cold. Fortunately we got most of our trick or treating in earlier.

Oh, as for the costumes? The Carlson Kids decided to build their own this year. The three year old chose a “pumpkin fairy” costume from the resale shop.

The four year old had the same costume, though he tried at one point to add this giant wig, which was hilarious but a little out of our price range:


Four year old as a "pumpkin fairy" with a giant wig

The eight year old made his own skeleton costume, complete with a helmet, camouflage and a cape.

Eight year old as a skeleton

Here’s a better view of the whole apparatus:

Eight year old wearing his cape and camouflage

It’s the first time since my oldest was a baby that we had snow on the ground for Halloween. We had two trick or treaters visit our place this year for Halloween proper, though the zoo had a Halloween event last weekend and we made the most of that. The snow didn’t cancel Halloween, it just spread it out over the course of a week.