How Ski Ballet Ended Up At The Olympics In The 80s And 90s (Cool Weird Awesome 1186)

Today in 1988 the Winter Olympics began in Calgary, Alberta. There were plenty of eyes that year on the demonstration sport known as ski ballet. 

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People In Ancient China Built Ceramic Water Pipes Thousands Of Years Ago (Cool Weird Awesome 1076)

There’s new research about a very complex water system built in China around four thousand years ago. And this very complex system was apparently built in a very uncommon way.

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Once Upon A Time, Human Ancestors Tried To Hibernate (Cool Weird Awesome 448)

A paleoanthrological study in the caves of Atapuerca, Spain, finds that hundreds of thousands of years ago, human ancestors tried something along the lines of hibernation, holing up in the caves for months during winter. It didn't go all that well, though.

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