Toronto’s “Stork Derby” Happened Because Of A Very Wealthy Lawyer’s Very Strange Will (Cool Weird Awesome 1121)

This week in 1926, a will left behind by a very unusual lawyer in Toronto led to a ten year baby-having contest nicknamed the “Stork Derby.”

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Virginia Apgar’s Score Has Helped Millions Of Babies Stay Healthy (Cool Weird Awesome 1021)

Today in 1909, the birthday of Dr. Virginia Apgar, who created the short but important test known as the Apgar Score to make sure a newborn baby is getting off to a good start.

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The Twin Sisters Whose Birthdays Are 87 Days Apart (Cool Weird Awesome 784)

Today in 2012, the birthday of Amy Jones-Elliott of Glenmore, County Kilkenny, Ireland. But it wasn't the birthday of her twin sister, Katie. The two hold the world record for twins with the largest amount of time between their births: 87 days.

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The Smart Pacifier Is A High-Tech Wearable That Helps Keep Newborns Healthy (Cool Weird Awesome 783)

Washington State University has developed a high-tech wearable (I guess you call it a wearable?) to make it easier to take care of a very important test for some babies: a smart pacifier.

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Solar-Powered Cribs Are A Bright Idea To Stop Jaundice (Cool Weird Awesome 736)

Jaundice is treatable with phototherapy, but not all places have access to light therapy machines. A startup in Nigeria is building solar-powered phototherapy machines to fill that gap.

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A High-Tech Bed That Can Help Rock A Preemie (Cool Weird Awesome 508)

Babies born ahead of schedule can benefit from close contact with parents and caregivers - and for the times they're not available, there's a new hospital bed called Calmer that can simulate the rocking motion they feel when they're being held up close.

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What’s In A Baby Name? A Pop Song (Cool Weird Awesome 211)

All kinds of pop culture can lead to trends in baby names, but there’s research that shows that when a hit song has climbed up the pop charts, the same name starts climbing the list of baby names.

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Recycled Milk Bottles Apparently Make Great Road Surfaces (Cool Weird Awesome 208)

In South Africa, a construction company has started producing and using a more eco-friendly asphalt that contains plastic pellets that come from recycled milk bottles. Plus: meet a mayor in Texas who’s bringing a VERY fresh perspective to the job.

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How Oregon Trail Inspired A Generation To Learn About Dysentery (Cool Weird Awesome 184)

It was 48 years ago today that kids first got to play the video game Oregon Trail - the invention of three student teachers from Minnesota who ended up changing video game history without realizing it.

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