This Old City Bus Is Now A Traveling Sauna (Cool Weird Awesome 987)

There’s a new startup in Japan that’s getting hot in more ways than one: it's turned a former city bus into a mobile sauna. 

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Eclipse, The Dog Who Rode The Bus (Cool Weird Awesome 926)

Today in 2015, the first news reports about Eclipse, a dog in Seattle that had figured out how to get itself to the dog park on the city bus.

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When ALS Stopped Jason Becker’s Guitar Playing, He Became An Accomplished Composer (Cool Weird Awesome 899)

Today in 2018, the release of the album “Triumphant Hearts” by guitarist Jason Becker. Not many people in music know as much about triumph over adversity as Jason Becker, who found new ways to create and share music decades after being diagnosed with ALS.

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Carlton Fisk’s Home Run Wave Changed TV Sports, But It Almost Didn’t Get Filmed At All (Cool Weird Awesome 639)

Today in 1975, game 6 of the World Series between the Cincinnati Reds and the Boston Red Sox. The iconic clip of Carlton Fisk waving his game-winning home run fair was caught by the camera kind of by accident. Plus: a couple in the UK gets a ticket because a traffic camera caught their car driving in the bus-only lane, except that they weren't in the bus-only lane. Or in a car. Or in that city. 

High Jumper Dick Fosbury’s Biggest Win Was Also A Flop (Cool Weird Awesome 638)

Today in 1968, a high jumper from Oregon, Dick Fosbury, changed his sport forever by winning gold with an unusual jumping motion now known as the Fosbury Flop. Plus: today in 2018, passengers on a bus in Paris refused to make room for a rider using a wheelchair. So the bus driver made room. 

The World’s Fanciest Bus Stop (Cool Weird Awesome 499)

In Scotland's Shetland Islands, on the island called Unst, a 7 year old's request for a new bus stop led to a community tradition of making the space comfortable and colorful.

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Shoot the Hostage

I didn't hear anything else about the real life Speed bus, but it was a pretty exciting thing. I'm totally glad I decided to tell you all about it.

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