Whey Protein Could Help Stop E-Waste (Cool Weird Awesome 1197)

Could the secret weapon against electronic waste may be cheese? Research finds a process involving the byproduct of cheesemaking known as whey protein could help recover gold and other precious metals from old computer motherboards.

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Linda Christensen, The Minnesota State Fair’s Legendary Butter Sculptor (Cool Weird Awesome 838)

At the Minnesota State Fair, there's a contest to choose a new ambassador for the state's dairy farms. And for almost 50 years, a sculptor made butter likenesses of the contestants. Here's a little about how Linda Christensen and her colleagues did it.

The HMS Challenger Expedition Showed The World What Ocean Life Was Really Like (Cool Weird Awesome 739)

The HMS Challenger spent years studying the world's oceans and the creatures that call them home. Today in 1875, the mission made one of its most astonishing discoveries.

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