First Lady Mamie Eisenhower Had Her Own Shade Of Pink (Cool Weird Awesome 1018)

Today is one of several days the US commemorates its First Ladies. Some are well known, some are obscure. Some loved the job, others didn't want it at all. But only one First Lady had her own color: Mamie Eisenhower, the namesake of "Mamie pink."

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Colorful Crosswalks May Be Safer Crosswalks (Cool Weird Awesome 767)

A new study finds colorful painted murals around, or in place of, traditional striped crosswalks may cause drivers to yield more around pedestrians and keep them safe.

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A Sustainable Pacific Island Community That Floats (Cool Weird Awesome 510)

As sea levels rise, small island nations like Kiribati face some tough choices. A European design studio has an idea that might help: sustainable buildings that can collect rainwater, generate electricity, and help grow food. And they float.

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Raising Money For A Good Cause? Choose Your Fonts Wisely (Cool Weird Awesome 399)

Food banks are seeing growing demand, and feeding hungry people takes money. Amazingly, a study out of Ohio State University finds these nonprofits might be able to boost their donations by paying closer attention to typefaces. Plus: this weekend is the deadline to cast your vote in this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

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Vegetable Displays Are The New Black (Cool Weird Awesome 85)

Veggies are good for us - but some households can’t buy them, and others don’t want to. What is it that will get eaters more interested in buying and eating their vegetables? One answer may be: the color black.

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