This Smart Glove Could Help Divers Warn Each Other When There’s Danger Nearby (Cool Weird Awesome 1226)

There’s a new development under the sea: a smart glove that could help scuba divers help each other steer clear of danger.

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There’s A Little Art Museum On The Moon (Cool Weird Awesome 426)

Today in 1969 Apollo 12 returned to earth after visiting the moon, and if the stories are true, it brought with it a tiny tile containing line drawings by six Earth artists. Plus: since most of us aren't likely to visit the art installation on the lunar surface, maybe we can visit this museum in the Florida Keys that goes below the surface of the water.

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If You’re Making Cookies In Space, Be Patient (Cool Weird Awesome 227)

Last month, astronauts on the International Space Station baked chocolate chip cookies. But baking cookies in space is a little different than baking them on Earth.

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